If Personalization is the Buzzword of the Day, Why is Broadcast Radio as Hot as Ever?

If the headlines are to be believed, we are living in an era of hyper-personalization. Thanks to AI, brands are delivering more high-touch, bespoke experiences and products, from curated newsfeeds to custom flavors. The order of the day: give consumers (each and every one) exactly what they want. You would think, then, that when it comes to music, streaming platforms would rule the audio roost. But in fact, 86% of audio time is spent listening to radio, versus a paltry 14% on streaming services. How to make sense of that paradox?


iHeartRadio Introduces a First-of-its-Kind Podcast Musical, “Bear and a Banjo”

Your new favorite podcast musical is here—”The Bear and a Banjo” is coming to iHeartRadio later this year!


Let’s face it with no Covid end in sight, the world is a scary place right now -- for consumers, creators and brands.

But, one thing is for sure – with Hollywood production at a standstill and consumers trapped at home, there is a massive need for more quality content, entertainment and ESCAPE.